Nathan Gray Consulting can provide the International Business and Cross Cultural Management solutions your orgainisation requires

Managing Partner at AsiaAustralis, Nathan has 10 years experience operating in international markets, with a particular focus upon the broader Asian market. A strategic management professional, Nathan provides advice and international management solutions to companies in the Asia Pacific region. Possessing a wealth of knowledge and experience, Nathan has worked in management roles in multiple industries; from the health and leisure through to manufacturing and engineering.

Nathan’s strongest skills and abilities exist in international business and cross cultural environments, where he has extensive experience facilitating international business transactions and trade between Australia, Asia, Europe and North America. Nathan is a natural communicator with exceptional negotiation skills and abilities, particularly in cross cultural environments. His negotiation skills have been enhanced through his professional and social experiences, and have been advanced through his academic research in International Business Negotiations. Nathan has published articles in a number of internationally recognised business journals and conferences.

In recent years, Nathan has worked as an Adjunct Lecturer at The University of Adelaide Business School, The University of South Australia, and Flinders University teaching across multiple International Business subject areas. Specialising in International Management, International Marketing, Negotiation, Globalisation, Corporate Responsibility and International Accounting.   In Addition to his academic pursuits, Nathan is a strong communicator and member of two of the most influential Asian Business chambers in Australia. Nathan is currently Secretary of the Australian Asian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Chairman of the Australia Indonesia Business Council.

AsiaAustralis is a strategic consulting partnership established by experienced international management consultants to assist private and public organisations achieve their strategic objectives in trade, investment and government relations throughout the Australasian region with a particular focus on SE Asia.

Based in Adelaide, South Australia, AsiaAustralis has a network of associates throughout Australia and Asia that can be called upon to assist and facilitate major projects, business opportunities and government to government trade and investment facilitation.

AsiaAustralis  provide clients a tailored product specific to the needs of each client in five core areas:

Export Market Development – identification and development of business leads in new and emerging markets in Asia, and the facilitation of project requirements through to final agreement. AsiaAustralis can utilise their extensive negotiation and project management experience to deliver your product and brand to new international markets in Asia.
Strategic and Business Planning – to faciltiate corporate strategy development for investment and expansion into foreign markets in the Asia Pacific region, through the provision of accountable business cases and economic analysis.
Market Strategy and Planning – to develop and provide advice on appropriate marketing and product advice for entry to international markets in Asia. Drawing upon the wealth of cross cultural and market expertise, AsiaAustralis can ensure marketing packages can be tailored to suit the needs and objectives of your brand in Asia.
Industry development – investment attraction from international investors in the Asia-Pacific, and development of economic research and analysis to determine best possible linkage opportunities for domestic industry with international partners.

AsiaAustralis offers international business consultancy services that are tailored to the particular needs of your organisation so if you need some advice just contact him on: or check out the AsiaAustralis Website at


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